Dmall Depok Event

[January, 2015]

Last Sunday (Jan 25, 2015) I got invitation to be performer at Dmall Depok.
After many months I can’t be performer in every Sunday, because I have to go back to West Jakarta.
But since this month, I can do it.
So, thanks God after give me a change for having fun last week.
Unfortunately because of low battery, the show is not fully recorded .

Zenja - Rock (Ost. Naruto) @ReJop Shinnenkai

Zenja - Emily (Mejibray cover) @ReJop Shinnenkai

Zenja - Himawari no Yakusoku (Ost. Stand By Me Doraemon) @ReJop Shinnenkai

Zenja - Emily (Mejibray cover/ Half) @IBIS