Bandhub Collabs in July

[July 2017]

Good day July...
I've try some collaboration with another musician in the world. And here are the result.
I use my notebook for web camera, external sound card, earphone (that you will not seen in the video), and keys of course.

Bandhub Videos in July:
-Warning Sign (Coldplay)
-Back To December (Taylor Swift)
-In My Place (Coldplay)
-Monkey Man (Amy Winehouse)

Giraffle Blues

[May 2017]

Good day . . . .
This time I'd like to re-share last February song from Walkure cover/Macross Delta original soundtrack cover.

I finished this song in few days in January 2017.
And few days in review for mixing the song.
In vocal, I use Vocaloid Megurine Luka VX4 as lead vocalist.
And for instrument?
Here is the composition:

Drum: Ez Drummer 2 (Pop Rock kit)
Bass: Ample bass
Guitar: Cort G110X + Guitar Rig 5
Keys: Luxonix Purity

Enjoy the song ^^

Video cover: Tourniquet by Evanesence

[April 2017]

This end of month and next early month will make me busy of some project.
I'd like to share another video from Bandhub while I cover Evanesence - Tourniquet that I record early of this month.
Enjoy the song.

Video Link: