December's Stories to Close up 2017

[December 2017]

It's awesome December to close up 2017.
Thank you everyone for marvelous jurney in this year.
I close this year with Amakusa Band's activity.

JBand Party Mangga 2 Square, December 2, 2017
And of course awesome photo from Yuji.
It was great to hit the stage with them as opening action in December.

After stage performance, and look we are so messy.
Feel free to get any critical comment.
Any comment should make us higher to reach our musical target...

Single campaign in middle of December.
I'm really spam to everyone. Sorryyyy
It was an order from them. It is true...

Tiger's Eye is released on December 20, 2017
You can find this song in Sportify, Itunes, Deezer, Amazon music.
But, you cannot find this song in Joox
It is the truth

Bogor Matsuri December 24, 2017,
With red devil spear
It should be red, but somebody make the picture become black and white only

Beat Radio performance December 28, 2017
Feels like home, cause we made coffee in radio station by ourself

Say cheese after Beat Radio interview
Hopefully I am the youngest member in this Band, but the truth said "no, you are not"

Visiting Bandung

[November 2017]

Bandung memang tempat yang cocok untuk liburan.
Mau itu liburan keluarga, atau liburan bareng temen.
Bulan ini gue menyempatkan diri untuk jalan-jalan ke bandung.
Cuma setengah hari karena sorenya hujan deres, ya hujan, jadi susah sih untuk kemana-mana.

Udara dingin pagi hari sejuknya beneran sejuk, apalagi pas lagi sepi begini 

Mau liatin gunung sambil galau juga bisa puas sendiri, coba aja

Di Floating Market

Kurang kekinian kalau belum coba yang satu ini

Menurut gue sih ini yang paling ribet ya, gak tanggung tanggung soalnya

Pantara Island, Thousand Islands

[September 2017]

Beach, Sea, and Island.
I went to Thousand Island this month with company colleagues.
Departed from Ancol Marine Dock at 6.30 and we arrived around 8 a.m.

Pantara Island.
The island has bought by Japan Airlines long time ago, and manage by Artha Graha currently.
I saw the blue sea with blue sky only.
 Yes, those are coconut trees

 I was standing in front of restaurant

The dock, welcome to Pantara Island

Jak Japan Matsuri 2017

[September, 2017]

I really did it.
Three times change a costum with three difference genre music.
Thank you Jak Japan Matsuri Event. I was so fun.

Me as keyboardist for Historia Band

Me as Keyboardist for Mikazuki Band

Me with Amakusa Band

With all of the playlists here:

Historia Band:
Metaphysical (Moi dix Mois cover)
Unmoved (Moi dix Mois cover)
Throne (Kamijo cover)

Mikazuki Band:
Hikaru Nara (Ost. Your Lie in April)
Konayuki (Ost. 1 Litre of Tears)
Odori Ponpokorin (Ost. Chibi Maruko Chan)

Amakusa Band:
Rusty Nail (X-Japan cover)
Wolfpack (original song)
Kurenai (X-Japan cover)

And in the evening, I was so lucky, together with Inami as vocalist from Mikazuki Band, we've met Tompi in the backstage.

Everything is too hot, without any rain . . .