Harmonica Collection

 [June, 2015]

1. Hero Harmonica

This is my first harmonica, the old one is a gift. So I bought again with a new one for playing.
It's tremolo type harmonica. A light and shrill sound harmonica, and it's easy to bring.
Even the sound is small, you will need more power to blow and draw this harmonica

2. Suzuki Easy Rider

This is my first diatonic harmonica.
As its name, this harmonica is easy to play in first position. But not east to play in second position.
It is not easy to bend with this harmonica.
A light and mild sound.

3. Golden Cup Harmonica
Next is golden cup diatonic harmonica. I bought from key of C, then key of A, and key of G.
The sound a little bit heavy than Easy Ridder.
But also same with easy rider, it will be never easy to bend this harmonica.

4. Suzuki Folk Master

Because of my easy rider is broken, so I bought its brother named Folk Master.
Different with easy rider which have mild sound, its voice more hard then his brother.
But I always like Folk Master's figur at its body. Looks like more elegant.

5. Suzuki Blues Master

Very smooth harmonica.
You will easy to play second position with variative bending with this harmonica.
The voice is sound like between violin and flute.
Moreover, it's easy to blow and draw.

6. Suzuki Harp Master
A strong voice harmonica with its powerfull sound effect.
Very good to be played even without mic.
Same with his classmate of Blues Master, Harp Master is easy for bending.

7. Freedom Harmonica

A low class harmonica.
You will need more powerful breath to play this one.
And designed with standard lips, shouldn't make your mouth hurt

8. SX Blues

Same class in the low class.
You won't need so much breath if compare with previous.
And it's good to be bend even at low class

9. Qi Mei 16 Hole

This is newest of my collection until now is this harmonica.
A tremolo type harmonica with 16 hole.
I'm don't know how to compare this tremolo harmonica because I only have 2 tremolo type.