Japan Trip

[May 2016]

It is late post from my jurney to Japan last month.
I able to go there fortunately cause of a company that I'm working right now.
So, I was there last month.

The hotel that I stayed at Nishi-Kasai Tokyo.

The hotel is one department form company's cooperation, so I stayed free at there.
Yes of course this is a bussines trip, not a vacation trip hahaha
The price is almost "expensive" yen per night.

Cause I stayed at Tokyo, so I visited Shibuya for looking instrument store.
I just needed to take Metro way, a subway train in Tokyo, from Nishi kasai station to Shibuya Station.
In Shibuya, you will see many big mall over there, but that is not my interest point.
While you see the opposite direction from the mall, you will find bus terminal, some cafe, and store.

One Building which have many stores

This is one of the building which have some instrument stores.
At difference floor, you will find difference store.

Guitars shop

Can you see? You will find this few at the store.
Makes me wanna buy them.

Wanna Buy Fender Guitar? 

Another Building

You will find DJ Shop at this building

Inside the store

I like this store, in here I can found many DJ's instrument, synthesizers, and another electronic instruments.

I would like to buy an instrument at there, if I could :(
Maybe next time.

So, that is all.
Thank you for reading.