Last Stage

[November 2016]

If you read carefully this blog, you will know that any picture or source for the posting is never up to date.
Well, I kind of that person while I write a blog.

This text will tell you a story while I performed in an event at Pakuan University last year.
At that time, I performed with Zenja Band and used small, very small, synthesizer typed Kaossilator for the first time.
I also use another maybe smallest synthesizer typed Korg Monotron Duo for the first time.

But, it isn't which I'd like to share.
The most hard to be forgotten in this event is while I lost a friend.
If felt deeply lost caused this stage as being the last stage.
Of course an human, we shouldn't to be selfish people.
We have to respect whatever the option which he/she chose.

And, sometime we lost some friend.
Sometime also another people waiting for us.

Have a nice day

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