Cover My Immortal from Evanescence

[March, 2017]

Few weeks ago, my friend told me some sites for musician collaboration.
One of them that looks interesting for me is Bandhub. So I try to open the site.
When you open the site, you will see some cover project video that played and recorded by some people form difference country, with difference instrument player.
Most of the video project is purposed for band players, such as vocalist, drummer, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist.
Well. I'm getting interesting about it, then I try to record and join a project as the next step.
I made recording with keys instrument and applied to the video project leader.
After you got approved, your recording video will publish together with another instrument player.
And, it's awesome, even not perfect at all.
And here's video while I tried from bandhub

Evanescence - My Immortal
New Link: (MP4)