Fly With Wind

I got a feeling
Something which liked a miracle
When every victory became just for me

I've stand to see
My future destiny
Tried to get up from eternal sleep

Something in my mind
Make me conscious about the life
Like wind which's free then go to everywhere

Becouse I believe
I can pass all
And I have the reason

Without hesitant, without nervous, or afraid
I finish this
Which become miserable forever
And I know I can choose the ways of life as well as I can
And if I fail, I will not give up easily

Because I fly with wind
So I can do everything
I can go to everywhere
And release my burden
To protect all of remarkableness light
Which always rays my blankness and . . .

My heart believe that
I won't let it from my hand
Like my mistake in the past
Never ever again
I'll run to penetrate the time
Although I don't have great wings